steve_e | 2007-12-30 13:00
Foggy SP by Steve E.
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Foggy - a 3 part narrative based FPS/RPG/Adventure game

"Foggy" is a 3 part narrative based FPS/RPG/Adventure style game. The game contains full menu support and conditional updating of tasks, hints and narrative history. Also are options to set game difficulty and to turn off narrative pop-ups. This plays under sp mode - not under slowsp as slowsp removes the abiltity to change gamespeed which is a feature of the maps.

There are two downloads for this map (ignore the singular foggy.ogz link if it appears):
This contains the .ogz and .cfg files plus ambient sounds. THE FOLLOWING LINE NEEDS TO BE ADDED TO autoexec.cfg FOR THE MAPS TO RUN CORRECTLY (sorry for shouting):
exec packages/base/foggyini.cfg

This contains the sound tracks - if you downloaded my "Proof of Concept" tech demo as discussed on the Cube Engine forum here:
then you do not need to download the sound tracks (unless of course you have deleted them already...;). Otherwise you will need to download both zip files (12.8MB and 21.2MB respectively)

* 3 maps with 4 distinct environments
* Interactive narrative based gameplay
* Pick-ups and 'special abilities'
* Puzzles/mazes
* Scripted gui help system
* Conditional display of hints and tasks
* Other stuff that I may have forgotten ;)

This was built over a period of 4 weeks (which was probably equivalent to 8 weeks in time) originally using the Summer Edition of Sauer then "finished" off using the Assassin version:

The first map, 'foggy' was my second map attempt and as such reflects very limited texturing as I was trying to see what was possible with 3 or 4 textures and mainly lighting to create the visual atmosphere.

The second map 'foggy2' was my 4th map (the 3rd being my 'proof of concept tech demo refered to above) and a rather frustrating attempt to use the heightmap tool. With the release of the Assassin Edition of Sauer I have simply not managed to suss out the new heightmap tool so 'foggy2' is rather rough and the heightmapping and texture glitches are quite apparent.

'foggy3' is my 5th map that I have created and I avoided the heightmap tool and added more textures and detail. Also with the release of the Assassin Edition exploding barrels and platforms feature a fair bit in the game play.

The foggyini.cfg and foggymen.cfg files were developed to experiment with some key bindings and the gui system. Thanks to a suggestion by SheeEttin about using the gui system for conditional feedback/history etc I wanted to see how much that could be employed into the game narrative. Really, very very easy to do.

My comments:
The second map, foggy2 is really quite rough in parts thanks to my frustration of trying to get differing heightmapped regions to come together. Then just when you think you have it looking almost passable I would edit something and boom, the heightmaps would explode and fragment. Some areas are crying out to be touched up/fixed, but I was having little success with the Summer Edition heightmap and no success with the Assassin edition. I almost didn't include this map as it has many faults, but the map was the middle of the game narrative so it couldn't really be left out.

Texturing, in general, is something that I need to pay more attention to in my next map(s). I will be avoiding heightmaps at this stage until I either get the hang of it or I grow more insane. Part of the purpose in building these maps was to use the existing textures and seeing what could be done with the cubescript itself and existing map models. I am a multimedia artist/designer, however creating textures for games is something new to me and something that I realise I have to put more time in to. The scripting on the other hand has been rather fun and despite my first reservations when looking at the syntax, it really is quite a clean language to use.

So there you have it - really another tech demo as I used this experience to try out a few things with Sauer to see what could be achieved from a game development perspective. I am glad this set of maps is finished (or almost completed) as it ended up taking on a life of its own for a while. I am now looking forward to trying out some different ideas and building some smaller single player maps to get concepts across. Cheers.

UPDATE: Damn - I didn't save the first map and .cfg before submitting - these have been uploaded again - my most humble apologies...

Update 2
Fixed gui menus so that they can be switched from 2d to 3d - will not force gui2d onto the system at startup.
Initialised variables in foggy.cfg rather than foggyini.cfg - this may solve some intialisation issues.

Update 3
Changed the alias level_trigger_1 to 41 - that should stop any errant triggering of the book 1. But I couldn't see anything triggering that first book to pop_up... and certainly I haven't experienced of those issues. All the non opening doors are trigger 0, and every other door has a trigger starting from 5 up... I even deleted doors to see whether there was another trigger at the same place, and there is nothing in the .cfg that calls the level 1 trigger.

Update 4
Deleted various triggers and doors from areas not accessable in the firt map, foggy.ogz - these were left over when I was developing map 1 and 3 in conjunction with each other (sorting out common geometry). Deleting these doors and triggers might be the cause of the errant triggers - they shouldn't be, but you never know as they had different trigger types associated to the trigger value to them that the 'real' tirggers in level 1 used. 8|

I hope this is what the issues has been by deleting these redundant triggers and doors - fingers crossed!

foggy.ogz (1.85 MB)
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