sinsky | 2006-07-08 18:25

Although probably not as fun as level design, making skyboxes can add a lot to the experience of creating a map, as well as the atmosphere and gameplay of a level. Skyboxes can be loaded with the "loadsky" command, followed by the path to the files. The "loadsky socksky/desert" command for example will load the desert skybox located in the folder packages\socksky. You can browse to this folder and view the six images that compose the panorama you see in game. This guide will focus on the process of creating a skybox with several software rendering packages.

Many of the Cube and Sauer skyboxes were created with Terragen. You can find a detailed step-by-step tutorial by googling for "Terragen skybox" and "Lloyd M". In Terragen, as well as in the other packages we're about to use, there are a few basic rendering parameters that need to be set for each of the six images so they can blend seamlessly. In Terragen v0.9 (the version used here), all of the parameters can be accessed from the Rendering settings window. Images need to be square, so first click on Image size and set both height and width to 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc. Click Camera settings and set Zoom / Magnification to 1. Below is the camera orientation, which you can set individually for each image before rendering:

HOW-TO play sauerbraten

This document is now unmaintained since wiki:Multiplayer Guide has more current information and more contributors to edit it :)
[2006-08-22] (updated link:2006-12-10)

MeatROme | 2006-05-14 12:27

Are you planning to upload some content to Quadropolis - Great! Read on!
The Cube Wiki article Distributing Maps contains the original text of this guide;
This deals with the specifics of Quadropolis postings.
It tries to prepare you for providing poished content to the community and avoid any unwanted tags, maybe even get you a starred content one. ;-)

sinsky | 2005-07-15 16:41
This content is compatible with older edition(s) of the game it was made for, and is not guaranteed to work with the current or development versions.

In this small tutorial I will try to explain how to use Blender v2.36 with the Quake 2 modeller to produce and texture a simple mesh for use with Cube.

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee that the tutorial will be of any use to anyone. If you arise damages from the tutorial, I don't want to know about it.

What we need:

  • Blender 2.36 and the Blender md2 import/export scripts by Bob Holcomb
    (script files must be put in the .blender/scripts folder in order to work)

  • The Quake 2 modeller by Phillip Martin and Jaimi McEntire (hopefully v0.91b)
staffy | 2005-05-31 09:12

Send me your singleplayer run times and I will place them here:

-skill must be 10.
-you cannot press 'e' at any time.
-gamespeed cannot be modified.
-no saving

no fake times please....

makkE | 2005-03-16 17:32

I just want to share some knowledge and give some tips on mapping. This is for novice mappers as well as for people that are already familiar with Cube editing. For learning the basics of how to edit maps, refer to the readme.html.
Some opinions on certain topics might be influenced by my personal taste and views. I don´t claim this were the ways to do it, but it´s the way I do it and what I find important.

Since I have never made a singleplayer map (I like multiplayer better) I can only talk about making multiplayer maps here.
I will divide this into sections, which are

1. Layout/Performance
2. Gameplay
3. Design (detail, mapmodels, light and stuff)

1. Layout/Performance

Starting a new map, it is always good to have some basic concept or idea in mind.
Sometimes I will just start mapping and develop ideas as I go, but often I have an idea, and I will take a piece of paper and get it down first. (sometimes stanze aka lahme, my beloved girlfriend came up with sketches too ;)

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