Suicizer | 2013-12-11 12:22
Gamemode Entity Guide
In this guide, the meaning and the best position of gamemode entities will be described. This guide is suitable for editors which use any game that runs on Cube Engine (2), but examples are applied on Sauerbraten.

What is a gamemode entity?

In common terms, gamemode entities are entities which are required for only certain gamemodes. Certain of those entities are:

  • Base
  • Flag
  • Any other entities which affect the core gameplay are not considered as gamemode entities as the objective of the gamemode can be achieved without them or they can't be modified in the mapping process.

    Entity explanation

    The base entity only appears activated in the modes Capture, Regen Capture and Hold (plus it's variants).
    In Capture and Regen Capture, they represent a certain area which should be defended but attacked as well. In both modes, the base entity generates ammunition which can be obtained and consumed.
    In the mode Hold, a flag spawns randomly on top of the base entity (only 1 flag in the entire map). This flag should picked and kept for 20 seconds which eventually earns a point to the team which succeeded that.

    The flag entity appears in a lot of modes, currently Capture The Flag, Collect and Protect (plus all of their variants). In all modes, the flag entity is the most important entity throughout the game. The only difference is to bring the flag of the opponent to your base in CTF, while you score if the flag of the opponent has been brought back to their flag-entity in Protect. In Collect, you bring the skulls of killed opponents to your own base and earn points that way.

    Positioning the entity

    The position of both entities is a little different. This will be explained in the next couple of aligns.

    How not to place the entity

    I will only take examples which refer to to the position that is gameplay related. Positions which are content related (like floating in the air) are not referred. All examples are described as much as a separate and individual entity.

    The position of a base should not be:
    - In a dead end, as you could only attack the base from 1 side (which makes it nearly impossible to conqueror).
    - With multiple paths towards the base. Because the base has a high chance of always being attacked. There is nearly no chance of gaining any ammunition as the base can be constantly attacked.
    - Near playerstarts (and vice versa). That would force players to start at that specific base at all times. Let them choose which way they want to go and rather place the playerstart somewhere between certain bases.
    - In an area which has no cover at all. This makes players vulnerable at all times. They need some place to be safe for just a moment to regain ammo and health.
    - Within range of another base. By letting multiple bases be in contact with each other (as in visual contact, but through gameplay as well), those bases are nearly impossible to conquer also. A good example is the map face-capture, which makes it nearly impossible to capture the base in the centre when any of the bases outside contains riflerounds or even rockets. However, if none of them contain so and rather spawn shells, grenades or even bullets, it is way easier to conquer the base in the centre as the players which defend the base are forced to leave their other bases to protect the one in the centre.
    - Nearby regular gameplay entities like a quad, healthboost, yellowarmour, greenarmour or even health.
    So by placing the base entities not in areas which match any of the listed criteria above, the gamemode is flowing a lot better as the rotation between bases that are being conquered happens a lot faster.

    The position of a flag should not be:
    - In an open area which only provides cover to defend. This creates a situation where any attacking players have no proper opportunity to get the flag and head back to their own base.
    - In an open area which only provides cover for the attacker. This also creates a problem when playerstarts are nearby the flag. If not, it's not that big deal but still shouldn't be preferred.
    - In an area which requires skill in movement to pick up the flag. Give newcomers a chance to get the flag as well.
    - In an area which is deadly even without any opponent. For example above death or lava material.
    - In contact with the other flag in gameplay and visual aspect. It's such a waste to pick up the flag (or skulls), run all across the map, nearly scoring at your own flag (or skulls) while an opponent just frags you from their own flag with minimal effort (instead of hunting you down all the way).
    - In an area which contains a lot of playerstarts. This also decreases the chance to finally get the flag of the opponent and head out the base as you have to kill opponents often more than twice (first while entering the base, second while leaving the base and probably third while trying to reach your own base).
    So by placing the flag entities not in areas which applies to any of these criteria above, it makes it way easier to obtain and score the flag and there fore play the mode as intended.

    How to place the entity

    Also in this case, I will only take examples which refer to the position that is gameplay related. Positions which are content related (like floating in the air) are not referred. All examples are described as much as a separate and individual entity.

    The position of a base should be or contain:
    - 2 or 3 entrances and exits. This provides enough chances to deal damage to any player standing at the base while still surprising the defending player.
    - Close enough towards each other so you can still protect a certain base after standing at another (to prevent of fully capturing by the opponent). Of course not all bases need to be within walk distance of each other, but the most nearby should.
    - Far enough from another base so it shouldn't be in contact with each other in gameplay aspect. So they may have visual contact, as long as both bases provide ammunition which is only useful on short or mid range (while both bases are positioned on a further distance).
    - Some playerstarts with a proper distance away from it. Let players run for a few seconds towards a base so they have the choice how to navigate.

    The position of a flag should be or contain:
    - Enough entrances and exits towards the area of the flag, preferable 3 or even 4.
    - A good chance to pick up the flag and score at your own.
    - Some playerstarts with a proper distance away from it. Let players trace the opponent before they finally take him down.

    All information provided within this guide may be used as a base to create other guides, articles or as reference within comments, replies or any other conversations, as long as it's about a similar topic and the original author is credited. Original author: Suicizer. Created at: 2013-12-11 12:22:28.

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