DTurboKiller LT | 2009-03-31 19:06
LT Space Deathmatch Ultimate (03/04/2009)
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NOW WITH BOT SUPPORT! Tweaked to perfection, inspected for any flaws. Currently for SVN only until next release.

A map by D-Turbokiller (LT)
Ultimate Version (03/04/2009)
Starred Content! (eXpanded Finale version, see notes below)

Some of you probably know this map, made in the middle of December 2007. In my excitement I constantly released tons of new versions of the map over the time, with most done on small spaces of time. But, after seeing this turned into a featured map when I returned in late July, I decided to tweak this map until it was completely finished. And so it happened, and I released my supposedly final release of it. But I still felt bad about it, because it wasn't quite as perfect as I wanted, as some of the gameplay was faulty and unbalanced, and the level wasn't exactly symmetrical as I found out, not to mention some of the entities were missing without my notice, but the biggest fault was in CTF, where the blue flag was way too easy to catch. After so much time I returned yet again and grabbed the map, tweaking it to Ultimate perfection. Hence the new version name, and hopefully the last.
Now about the map. It's a fairly large map for at least 5 players (I recommend more than 8 though), and made for all game modes (obviously some feel better than others here). Graphically it looks very nice (in my opinion), and it's completely symmetrical, so it should work great for most modes. CTF is definitely a great option, since it's been much improved, especially in the Ultimate version. Also Capture mode has a better layout overall, and should offer some interesting matches.
A changelog is included.

Ultimate version changelog
-Exchanged the gate at the very top with a platform and a roof above it. There are two jumppads at each side that allow you to reach either the flag or the Quad Damage.
-Getting the blue flag now takes longer, it's no longer an easy catch
-Put Yellow Armor to the tunnel at the middle of the map, replacing the Quad Damage
-Added Health Boost at the top platform, replacing the Yellow Armor
-Fixed symmetry at one of the outer side platforms, it was 1 block forward than it should be
-Finally fixed the blocky style at the outer platforms
-Fixed the bases. Made them stay on the ground instead of floating. Removed the bases from each of the outer platforms, but there're still bases in each outer side platform. Moved a base to the very top platform, where the flag is. There is now one less base, for a total of 5. The new layout should prove interesting.
-Made players aware that the jump tubes are divided.
-Replaced clip with glass for the lava, it doesn't look weird walking on it now and the ragdolls don't fall into it anymore

-BOT SUPPORT! Just type /addbot on your favorite gamemode and watch them play! Guaranteed low suicide rate!
-Lowered the blue flag to the platform, only the quad is on the "roof" now.
-Another symmetry fix. Moved one of the side center platform fences forward.

Final words
This map is very much done now, I am completely satisfied with the way I tweaked it, though I put it in "Evolving" status just in case.
With that said, I'm still thinking of moving on to other maps if I manage to have the time, though I doubt that will be possible right now as most of my time is occupied because of school.
So, I hope you enjoy this map. I would certainly appreciate any comments and ratings. If you think there's ANYTHING wrong at all, do tell; I definitely need your opinion on this map. But what I really hope is that this map gets its deserved attention from the developers; lets hope so.
Well have fun (if you have the SVN, that is). Maybe, just maybe, I'll finally see it in the next Sauerbraten release! *crosses fingers*

NOTE: I still have the older version of the map for the CTF edition, you can get it here: http://www.quadropolis.us/node/1570

lt_sd.zip (4.85 MB)
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